Posted 03.04.18

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#JOBS - Web Developer

We’re looking for web developers to work either on a full-time basis, or on a shorter term contract. The position is available for an immediate start.

We’re looking for a someone that has a good range of skills as an all-rounder, whether your preference is front-end or back-end development.

This is a great opportunity for a developer to become part of our fun and talented team, working with some fantastic clients both locally and nationally. Whether you’re an experienced developer, or someone who is looking for help along the way, we believe View would be a great place for you.

Any candidate should be able to work within a team/studio environment, working directly with our Digital Creative Lead, Designers and Developers.

Experience with:

HTML, and a good working knowledge of SASS/CSS along with a basic understanding of javascript. We use Craft CMS for the majority of our websites, it’s incredibly easy to pickup, but some experience would be handy. Some knowledge of PHP would be useful for plugin development but not vital.

Job Facts

Position: Web Developer
Hours: Full time or Short term contract
Location: Rhos-on-Sea, North Wales

Then send us a CV, along with anything that you feel is relevant. Strong graduates and internships may be considered. Please send CVs