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The London Bike Show and the Triathlon Show London, are two events that take place at the same date and venue. With over 20,000 people at the events View Creative have run the websites for the last 5 years.

One of the issues with the the events is that they have previously run two separate event websites, that are both managed independently of each other, which has meant that content has had to be inputted twice, managed and maintained independently of each other. As part of the the website build for the 2020 event websites, we took advantage of Craft 3's multisite ability, meaning that while the two sites live on their own domain, have their own individual look and feel, and their own content, they are managed from one system, with content being able to be shared between the two. The sites have also been optimised to ensure ultra fast response time utilising Craft 3's Blitz plugin.

Branding for both events has also been produce by View Creative and regularly updated year on year.

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