Posted 13.12.17

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The Art Of Making Good Gin

To make our gin we start with a slow infusion of carefully selected botanicals in a quality grain-based neutral spirit. We distil in truly micro quantities using a unique one-shot method involving both pot distillation and vapour infusion, producing no more than 50 litres of finished spirit per run. Our gin is distilled and cut to drinking strength with our own mountain well-water, then bottled, sealed and labelled on site by hand.

Dinorwig Gin is a mountainside distillery nestled beneath the slate quarries of Dinorwig. Inspired by the brutal beauty of the area we crafted our signature gin. Naturally it was named Blue Slate Gin, in Welsh, Jin Llechen Las and was created by Jessica Eade.

Blue Slate Gin is available from a number of independent wine and gin shops