Posted 08.08.19

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View Creative becomes a Cyber Essentials accredited design agency

It’s pretty grim when you think that scarcely a day goes by these days when we don’t hear news about malicious online hacker scams. So it’s not surprising that one of the primary objectives of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy is to make the UK a safer place to conduct business online.

In order for businesses to help protect themselves against internet derived threats the UK Government launched a scheme called Cyber Essentials. This scheme identifies some fundamental technical security controls, that all organisations should have in place in order to defend themselves against the most common form of basic cyber attack that emerges from the internet. It also allows organisations to demonstrate that they have taken these precautions by achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation.

After working our way through a long list of requirements and going through a process that focuses on improving security in the following five key areas:

  • Boundary Firewalls and Internet Gateways
  • Secure Configuration
  • Access Control
  • Malware/Virus Protection
  • Patch Management

We are really proud to confirm that we are a Cyber Essentials accredited agency.

But what does this mean for our clients? Aside from the obvious benefits of improved security for our agency there is also a strong commercial case for achieving the accreditation. Many public sector contracts, specifically those dealing with personal data, require tendering organisations to be accredited by the scheme. It also provides reassurance for all of our clients that we take cyber security very seriously, and that while all the procedures we have in place won’t necessarily guarantee that we won’t be victims of cyber crime, it does mean we have taken a belts and braces approach and are as secure as any business can be.

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