#JOBS - Web Developers (Full-time / Freelance / Flexible / Home Working)

We’re looking for Web Developers to work either on a full-time basis, freelance or on a shorter term contract. The position is available for an immediate start.

We’re looking for a team of web developers with a good range of skills as an all-rounder, whether your preference is front-end or back-end development.

This is a great opportunity for a developer to become part of our fun and talented team, working with some fantastic clients both locally and nationally. Whether you’re an experienced developer, or someone who is looking for help along the way, we believe View would be a great place for you.

Any candidate should be able to work within a team/studio environment, working directly with our Digital Creative Lead, Designers and Developers.

Designers protest period poverty

Periods for Periods is an initiative campaigning for free menstrual products in schools. According to the group, one in five teens can’t afford period products and a further one in seven have missed school due to a lack of period supplies.

Contemporary Artist Niki Cotton

Niki Cotton is a contemporary artist living in North Wales. Niki is also the VCA resident artists, her large work dominates the corridor walls in the studio, bringing a huge amount of energy and positivity into the building. Her energy is addictive, she's a ray of light every morning with her beach 'Breathe' videos on social media.

Letterpress printing

Let’s talk business cards, something quite simple, yet so many people get it so wrong and miss the point. We hand them out face to face, the first introduction, a statement of you and the company you represent. Yet, we see it so many times, people apologising as they hand you their card, making excuses for the company that they are representing. Not a good start...

Typography and anatomy of Letterforms

The anatomy of Letterforms describes the different elements that make up printed letters in a typeface. The figure below shows the different parts of the letters in a typeface...

Your Domain Name and You

During this enforced lock-down and perhaps quieter time as a business, there is something you may not have considered in a while. Something that is worth checking in on: your domain name.

Giving the 'V' to Covid-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed everyday life for the time being. The government has enforced lockdown measures, and all but key workers have to work from home. A lot of design businesses have been working remotely for a couple of weeks now. And while a lot of work can be done from home, the design industry also relies on face-to-face “sparks” and live events.

Creative spaces for Rent

We currently have two studio spaces available for rent and looking for creative individuals that want to work in a creative environment...

Digital Marketing for Social Media

Content is king. Clients have agreat product or service but inmost cases struggle with contenti.e. what to say and how to say it.

This is where we come in, we make it easy for clients by creatingengaging, inspiring and creative content on their behalf to ensure theirposts maximise engagement from their target demographic, resulting inincreased organic reach...