Giving the 'V' to Covid-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed everyday life for the time being. The government has enforced lockdown measures, and all but key workers have to work from home. A lot of design businesses have been working remotely for a couple of weeks now. And while a lot of work can be done from home, the design industry also relies on face-to-face “sparks” and live events.

To fill this absence, institutions and agencies have set up a range of platforms to support designers who suddenly find themselves working from home – offering inspiration, opportunities to fine tune their skills and new communities at a time of isolation.

Jobs - Digital Marketing Executive

We're expanding our Digital Marketing team and looking for an experienced Digital Marketing person to work alongside our Digital Marketing Manager and our social media team to guide the creation and implementation of online campaigns for a variety of clients based across the UK.

An exhibition that captures your senses

Beautiful artworks introduce natural phenomena such as rainbows to the gallery space. Others use reflections and shadows to play with the way we perceive and interact with the world. Many works result from the artist’s research into complex geometry, motion patterns, and his interest in colour theory.

Trying to do our bit

Our green policy encourages environmental responsibility in the workplace. Founded in 2003, we have an ethical commitment to be carbon-friendly and strive for sustainability. With our innovative and pioneering core values we are continually working to reduce our impact on the environment with a multitude of practices. We are frequently identifying aspects of our business relative to this process in order to reduce negative impacts and improve our environmental performance...

Tutankhamun at the Saatchi Gallery - 2nd Nov - 3rd May 2020

View Creative rolled out a series of advertising materials for one of the UK's most anticipated exhibitions of all time, Tutankhamun - Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh. The legend of Tutankhamun heads to the Saatchi Gallery, London for the last part of its final global tour. From 2nd November to 3rd May, 2020, visitors will have the final chance to view more than 150 original artefacts for the final time before they return to Egypt...

Manchester Design Festival 11-24 November

The festival takes place across Manchester from 11-24 November. DM19 takes place on 22 November at The Bridgewater Hall, M2 3WS...

How do I cook broccoli? A Brighton SEO Tale

Those curious as to why there is a cookery title in our Journal, read on about our discoveries at Brighton SEO 2019.

London Design Festival 2019

The London Design Festival is to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world. The Festival runs from 14-22 September 2019. In 2018, the Festival welcomed a record-breaking 588,200 individual visitors from over 75 countries. An additional passer by audience of nearly 600,000 people had the opportunity to see the four Landmark Projects. In addition, London Design Festival helped drive a total of 169,250 visits to the V&A over the Festival period with 22% of those surveyed saying they had never visited the museum before and were driven there by the Festival.

View Creative becomes a Cyber Essentials accredited design agency

We are really pleased to confirm that we are a Cyber Essentials accredited agency. Aside from the obvious benefits of improved security for VCA there is also a strong commercial case for achieving the accreditation...


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