Posted 07.03.18

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BrewDog mocks gendered marketing in "beer for girls" campaign

...and people aren't happy about it.

Pink IPA

BrewDog have repackaged their Punk IPA and labeled it 'beer for girls' in a bid to highlight the gender pay gap using the problematic nature of gendered marketing campaigns.

Ahead of International Women's Day, the Scottish brewers are donating 20% of their proceeds to charities supporting gender equality in the workplace for the next four weeks.

The campaign was met with a highly critical reception, regardless of it's good intentions.


The problem with the satirical campaign is that the message is not abundantly clear from every angle. Off the shelf, the 'Pink IPA' would be hard to tell apart from Yorkie's 'not for girls' eye-roll worthy packaging or the 'man size' Kleenex tissues that appear to highlight how even today there are marketers that truly believe in a world of fragile masculinity.

Users on Twitter have branded the campaign as 'poorly executed' and 'indistinguishable from lazy marketing'.

BrewDog: A History of Social Commentary

BrewDog have historically used social commentary strategically within their marketing campaigns, most notably when they received backlash in 2015 for their gender-changing hops campaign. Did they miss the mark again this time?

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