Posted 05.03.18

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Team VCA at the Local Business Fitness Awards!

View Creative were lucky enough to be involved in the LBFA (Local Business Fitness Awards) earlier this week!

LBFA 2018

We were very privileged to have the opportunity to take part in the Local Business Fitness Awards this year. Hosted by North Wales' toughest trainers, Commando X Fit Wales, we were excited to put ourselves to the test in a head to head extreme fitness challenge with other North Wales businesses.

Despite the cold weather and snowy conditions, team VCA ploughed on through (pun intended) and prepared for what would be an eventful morning.

Running laps outdoors in -4 degrees celsius might seem like an impossible task - but our team sailed through in the icy conditions, proving that they were up to the challenge. Luckily, nobody fell victim to the blanket of snow that had cruelly laid itself just meters from the finish line, we were feeling optimistic. It was only beginning.

Finally back indoors, we got to show off our team-work skills. Being a creative agency, there is no such thing as a lone wolf, so our strength shone through as we worked together to motivate each other to do one too many sit-ups & push-ups. Ouch.

The next challenge involved doing pull ups, and whilst Zaid and Lewis smashed it, most of us admitted we didn't quite have the upper body strength. But, we overcame our hang-ups with some hang-downs. It was a tense few minutes as we eagerly awaited our grip to get the better of us, but together we came out of it ready for the 120ft inflatable assault course that was up next.

We were introduced to the large inflatable assault course that boasted some Takeshi's Castle style obstacles, and before we had the chance to overcome our serious case of Spaghetti arms, we were diving in head first (literally).


Out of 15 teams who entered, we came third! What a great result for team VCA!

We are also proud of our very own team mate, Lewis Stockton, who received an award for 'Best Individual Performance'. From outrunning us all on the track 🏃, to completing and astounding number of push-ups 💪, his performance was truly motivating throughout the event!

Congratulations to everybody who got involved in this year's great event.

Watch our day highlights below.

Thank you again to Commando X Fit Wales for hosting such a refreshing and challenging event, see you in 2019!

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