Posted 04.11.19

Published by Matt in the “Other” category

Trying to do our bit

At View Creative Agency we are committed to achieving and implementing green credentials, in order to be an environmentally-conscious company.

Our green policy encourages environmental responsibility in the workplace. Founded in 2003, we have an ethical commitment to be carbon-friendly and strive for sustainability. With our innovative and pioneering core values we are continually working to reduce our impact on the environment with a multitude of practices. We are frequently identifying aspects of our business relative to this process in order to reduce negative impacts and improve our environmental performance.

From taking meetings via phone and video chat to staff car shares, to providing training to staff members in regards to our environmental policies. Therefore, insuring a greater commitment and improved performance within our working environment. This also includes, and is not limited to, recycling general waste in the staff kitchen, recycling used paper and printer waste; including using vegetable non-petroleum based ink cartridges with 2-4% VOC emission. Environmental awareness is paramount to View Creative, and is being implemented daily through such green policies and practices.

We even compost our coffee bean granules which are used to fertilise our award winning gardens, each year we have a strong crop of tasty eating apples.