Posted 21.11.22

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Tarot Cards by Rebel Heart

Niki Cotton is the VCA resident artist, her large work dominates around studio, bringing a huge amount of energy and positivity into the spaces. Niki has recently been commissioned to illustration as 78 deck Tarot Card deck called Rebel Heart Tarot, working with the popular author and 'Queen of Tarot' Alice Grist.

Rebel Heart Tarot cards uses Niki Cotton’s collage artwork and Alice Grist’s words of wisdom, the deck aims to speak to the bright, beloved version of you, encouraging us to adventure into the drama, magic and beauty of our day-to-day lives, revealing paths to freedom, personal empowerment and transformation....

Using modern imagery, animal potency and words drawn directly from the creator’s life, the reader is given a potent collection of stories within the imagery, guiding them to understand who they are beneath the daily expectations, showing them how to get beyond any dusty old limitations and travel a vibrant path to a rebellious and spirited life.

Tarot cards can help people get answers and make sense of their lives, they tell you how it is and they don’ t pull any punches. Always challenging you to be your best self, Rebel Heart Tarot will help you to dig beneath the surface and offer a mirror into your heart.

With the evocative use of animal imagery and everyday people, neon bright colours and everyday domestic objects, what is conjured is as easy as it is daring. In replacing the human heads with that of animals, the deck prompts the user to play into the depths of symbology and question what the different elements mean to them because that is where the power lies.

Unlike traditional or stereotyped Tarot usage, Rebel Heart does not aim to predict the future. Rebel Heart believes the unknown should remain unknown and, instead, urges the user to navigate the twists and turns of life from a place of internal growth and with a determined focus on each moment.

There is growing interest in divination and Tarot, specifically since the pandemic – is it because they encourage us to be our own therapist to create an ever-changing interpretation of our lives?

Rebel Heart Tarot are a reflection of truth, raising a funky, colourful mirror to your life and helping you to recognise what is changing, who you really are and offering insights into how you might move forward.

The Box set of 78 tarot cards comes complete with comprehensive guidebook to explain each card.

You can purchase Rebel Heart Tarot cards on Amazon, WHSmith and all good bookstores. The cards are published worldwide by London based Welbeck Publishing

About the Author

Alice Grist, known as the ‘queen of tarot’, has been sharing her take on tarot for 30 years. Alice began her spiritual journey as a child, learning about tarot, meditation, healing and many other fascinating spiritual concepts from her Pagan father. She has spent the last two decades exploring further, studying alternative faiths and working with tarot with the focus of transformation and creating freedom. Her written articles have appeared regularly in both digital and print publications internationally.

About the Artist

Niki Cotton, is a contemporary visual artist based in North Wales, working out of a studio & gallery space by the beach in Colwyn Bay. Her practice is across many mediums including collage, painting, printmaking, sculpture, performance, textiles and photography. Niki’s work focuses on womankind and finding space to make art among the mental, physical and time load of life while also being a mother to three children and dealing with endlessness of domestic drudgery.

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