Ffiwsar is a creative organisation that develops and deliver cultural experience projects cross Wales. Ffiwsar engages with a number of artists and creatives to collaborate and create a fusion of ideas for public and engagement with communities across Wales.

View Creative developed a unique bilingual identity for Ffiwsar, looking at bespoke typography that was easy to use across social media platforms, but we also wanted it to represent the fusion between creatives and artists and developed a double FF formation, whilst show the unity. The choice of colours was important to us, as we wanted it to fluctuate between 2D and 3D aspects.

Llanwrst Hollywood Sign

Llanrwst is a centre of creativity and of independent spirit, a town of great poets, singers and celebrities. This sign has been installed by the people, for the people - stating where we are and where you are. Every piece of the sign has been cut, painted and installed by the effort, sweat and hands of the people from the area.

Other arts projects

View Creative has created branding for a number of arts organisations from art galleries to theatres, to arts festivals and music events. Click here to view more arts projects