Silk Rd Restaurants

Silk Rd is a chain of restaurants in Liverpool and the north west of England and is a concept that brings to life the food, drinks and soul that can be found along the ancient Silk Road routes.

The Silk Road or Silk Route was an ancient network of trade routes, that for centuries brought together regions from the Pacific through to the Med. These routes connected the East and West, stretching all the way from the Korean peninsula to modern day Europe. However, it is said that nearby Macclesfield lays claim to being the end as this was the hub of silk weaving in the 17th Century. Spices, fruits and luxury silks are just some of the goods that found their way along this route and into our homes.

The aim of the Silk Rd brand is to take you on a journey of food and engage you, more than just a meal, it's a food fusion experience!

What we did

We created a brand identity which tells the Silk Rd story, bringing together the fusion of foods from east to west. We researched the history of the Silk Route and wanted to create something that looked authentic a mix of indian, asian and chinese. We stylised the typography and played around with extending the underline to show the extent of the road, where East meets West.

In addition to the identity we looked at some animation and moving image, to help tell the Silk Road story. We also looked at signage across all the restaurants and bringing them up-to-date and inline with the new branding.