Social Media Marketing and SEO

Looking at improving your social media marketing, organic SEO or looking to find new audiences? Based on the experience at View Creative we're confident that we can add value to your online engagement by improving your social engagement through behavioural insights, help increase your followers and improve your online traffic and conversion rates.

" 185% increased social media engagement within 6 months"


For baseline metrics we will review any current online strategies and measure impressions and engagements for each platform. We will then use our industry-leading, bespoke in-house tools to discover more about your online activities, interests, and demographics. We will also dive deep into your website, social media platforms and online presence to discover what’s working well, what isn’t and identify new opportunities. All of this combined with our expert targeting insights will allow us to develop an effective digital strategy for you, including SEO and paid advertising.


Your business needs a comprehensive digital customer communication strategy. Using insights generated from our in-depth research, we will provide you with a comprehensive organic and paid social media campaign report. This will outline our recommended techniques for reaching your target audience and rolling out a campaign that delivers on your digital objectives. We would recommend a minimum spend for a minimum of 3 months for a strategic social media advertising campaign, adjusting this based on research, results and performance as the campaign progresses. We will always strive to optimise your ROI as standard.

Getting Results

No brand, product, industry or campaignis the same. We will work with you toensure you reach your individual businessgoals, and will measure the effectivenessof our campaign against those goals withmeaningful KPIs. Whether your conversiontarget is lead generation or a new enquiry,we can track, report on and optimise thecampaigns to deliver on those objectives.

Social Media Channels and paid adverts

We will create header banners and profile graphics for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and connect withrelevant industries and businesses.We will create posts that are targetedat your potential customers via aseries of paid adverts and organicposts, and will hook-in our APIs forin-depth analytics to give a clearunderstanding of performance, help guide our marketingstrategy and produce reports.


We also offer various SEO packages to help improve the visibility of your website, improving the google ranking, suggest higher volume and more targeted keyword. Firstly we evaluate your competitors, see where they outperform you for certain search terms, we can then benchmark these and month by month we can see the improvements to your ranking. Please contact us for our SEO packages.

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We combine digital marketing and creative design to help shape brands and build value. We specialise in brand strategy and identity, digital design, social media marketing and packaging, working with small independents to global companies.


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