Snowdonia Wagyu or Wagyu’r Wyddfa are two young farmers with a delight for good food and a passion for farming the Welsh Way. Slow growing like their grandfathers before them used to farm, sustainable and local. They are currently the only Wagyu farm in North Wales and supply innovative, creative restaurants and deli’s across North Wales.

Their beautiful Wagyu are raised on lush green pastures and enjoy a good, healthy, sustainable diet with plenty of fresh Snowdonia air. They proudly tend their animals from their first tentative steps through to maturity around 36 months. They enjoy a happy, healthy natural life with a few pints of local beer for good measure. Their Wagyu are very much the beating heart to our future.

We wanted to create a strong identity for Snowdonia Wagyu but wanted to create a more abstract mark that didn't have to show the full animal. For the typography we wanted to reflect the origin of the animal and needed to have a 'Japanese Flavour' and developed bespoke typographical characters whilst retaining the legibility of the name.

What we did

We created bespoke typography, identity and packaging design. We work with a lot of independent food producers and experienced in working with small start-up producers to larger food producers that need to re-position their product strategy, increase sales by updating their packaging, or help build brand awareness through social media and digital marketing.

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