Posted 03.01.18

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Surfs Up!

In the studio this month we were lucky enough to have a copy of surf magazine Wavelength, a cornwall based company that knows everything about surfing.

We ended up with a copy of the Autumn editon (Issue 252) which is all about timeless lines.

Illustrator Andrew Groves draws his own distinct lines. Derek Hynd on a J-bay wall blew minds twenty years ago and still is today, he is celebrated here in Beyond Litmus by Andrew Kidman and Jon Frank.

Candice O’Donnell shares her tips for getting through injury. Riding a board made from local trees, a taste of winter ahead comes from the Otter crew.

One of the things you notice about the magazine is how strong the photography is, it really makes you wanna be there, on that beach at that moment in time. If you all remember the 90s film Point Break with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves then you'll know what we mean.

The magazine has lots of cool illustrations, from full pages to hand drawn typography. The grid layout is fluid as it should be, with minimal advert. It's always really interesting to see design constraint working alongside a subject that has so much freedom.

We can't mention design and surfing without mentioning David Carson, we were lucky enough to meet a few years ago and have a quick chat with. David a surfer and designer influenced so many designers over the years with his freedom in layout design, a nonconformist to grids at a time when the Mac's and desk top publishing had taken off.

Wavelength is a great magazine and well worth a look.

Check it out for yourself:

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