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Is this the coolest electric bike?

The Rayvolt bikes are born the heart and mind of its creator, Mathieu Rauzier, 40 years old. His original career has nurtured the project. A genius, after being a photographer in San Francisco, skipper and web designer in Barcelona, he obtained a degree in naval engineering...

Filling hospitals with art reduces patient stress, anxiety and pain

Research from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital has found that placing art in the NHS trust has helped to improve patient wellbeing, decrease hospital stays and reduce anxiety, depression and pain....

Fire Breathing Ampersand

Gather around the fire of each other's imaginations, as we push through the secret door and roll through the art and graphic evolution of the most iconic, pop-culture inspiring, fantasy game.

Adidas and Transport for London collaborate on new trainer

Transport for London and Adidas Originals have teamed up to unveil three new trainer designs for the 15th anniversary of the Oyster card...

Designing for dyslexia

When graphic and digital designers create a website, app or a new brand, legibility will be one of the key considerations throughout the process. But will they be considering everyone when they do this, including those who have an impaired ability to read and understand information? ...

Prints to celebrate 70 years of the NHS

This month marks the NHS’ 70th birthday, and to celebrate, seven illustrators and artists have created charity prints that represent the nation’s treasured free healthcare system...

Energy-Efficient Designer Light Bulbs

Plumen is a London based company, where they create, innovate and design beautiful bulbs, and fitments. They are also very cool and even have 3D printed biodegradable shades. When we first spotted them we knew we had to get some installed at the office.

Surfs Up!

Wavelength magazine, gritty design and stunning photography, makes you want to take up surfing!